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Our personal training sessions address your comprehensive wellness. Not only will you complete goal-specific and effective exercises, you will also have access to basic activity, nutrition and wellness guidance from an experienced physical therapist. Customized sessions at one price allowing you to decide how much time to dedicate to exercise and how much to spend discussing other topics. A thorough questionnaire will be sent to you before we begin to make sure we know your goals and to make sure you're ready for your life to change. 

Our personal training sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to improve fitness and health in a casual setting. All fitness levels welcomed. Come as you are, wear what you want. Meet in our gym, in your home or gym or at a designated outdoor space. Expect to increase your motivation, develop discipline for healthy and sustainable habits, improve confidence to achieve your goals, and have more fun than you've ever had trying to get fit.

Prenatal and postnatal women welcomed! Kali is experienced in women's health and can guide your activity safely throughout pregnancy and help you reach your fitness goals after delivery. 

Price is $80 per session or $400 for 6 sessions. Bring a friend! Split your cost directly in half.

Call/text/email to set up a free consultation and discuss in-home, in-person or virtual visits.

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